Monday, September 22, 2008

On holiday (28 weeks)

Today is the first day of the school term holiday + the lebaran holiday....
I now have time to open blogs and update mine :)
This is a snapshot of myself about 2 weeks ago,
it was taken by the request of auntie Gie who asked about my tummy size.
At this point, I have already gained about 5 kgs since April,
and the baby itself is about 1,2 kgs.
The baby is now definitely a BOY, as we can already see his penis very clearly.
He's now very active inside, moves a lot (especially when I am hungry :p) and sometimes gives a very good kick at unexpected moments, especially when I sleep facing the right side!
He's predicted to arrive in this world at around 6 - 1o Dec 2008.
I'm pretty excited and anxious about the whole thing.
I guess we still stick to the name that we have planned for him,
and we are calling him "Tre" when we are communicating with him.
We were thinking about taking the 4D USG but we found out that it was very wxpensive indeed, so we decided not to go with it and satisfied enough with the 2D USG.
Next month, we will start shopping some essential baby stuff and daddy is pretty excited to get some of the things that he already saw at the baby needs store.
Anyways, congrats to auntie Yun for giving birth to healthy baby KIM :) I hope we will meet soon.