Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Been A While (21 week)

I've been busy making papers for work since the school holiday's finally over.
3 weeks ago we went for our monthly check up at Husada Utama,
the baby was estimated 18 - 20 cm long ( we forgot to ask about the weight ),
and it was predicted to be a boy.
I gained 1,5 kg since April so this is quite an improvement :)
Got some food cravings, like noodle and steak, also very fond of food with clear soup like: suki, udon, sayur bayam, dll.
No more morning sickness and complaints.
Since a few days ago, I can already feel the baby movements in my belly.
At first I thought it was just some gas in my tummy,
but the movings became frequent and when I took sometime to really feel it,
yep the baby is moving.
It makes me a little nervous I guess, coz now I can really feel and proove that there's a life inside of me!!
Anyways, daddy is pretty excited about the whole thing,
and as we were informed that the baby may be a boy,
daddy was thinking of another name (still has something to do with his fav.)
Trafford Bagaskara Winata
What do you think?