Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Been A While (21 week)

I've been busy making papers for work since the school holiday's finally over.
3 weeks ago we went for our monthly check up at Husada Utama,
the baby was estimated 18 - 20 cm long ( we forgot to ask about the weight ),
and it was predicted to be a boy.
I gained 1,5 kg since April so this is quite an improvement :)
Got some food cravings, like noodle and steak, also very fond of food with clear soup like: suki, udon, sayur bayam, dll.
No more morning sickness and complaints.
Since a few days ago, I can already feel the baby movements in my belly.
At first I thought it was just some gas in my tummy,
but the movings became frequent and when I took sometime to really feel it,
yep the baby is moving.
It makes me a little nervous I guess, coz now I can really feel and proove that there's a life inside of me!!
Anyways, daddy is pretty excited about the whole thing,
and as we were informed that the baby may be a boy,
daddy was thinking of another name (still has something to do with his fav.)
Trafford Bagaskara Winata
What do you think?


yun said...

Daddy pinter cari nama!!
masih kecil muter2 diperut... kalo udah gede nendang2 ketulang rusuk mommy :))

The Diva said...

hahahaha trafford???
as in OLD TRAFFORD, trafford????

Gosh this baby is going to have fun when he comes to Manchester one day...

Muahhh, how're you doing Pepei? missing you. Kok ngga tau ngeblog lagiiii???