Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another visit to the doctor

Right on our birthdays (19th and 20th),
we went to visit our chosen obgyn (at last we decided to choose him) dr. Santoso Kusumowidagdo, to do our monthly check up.
Still have to do the USG to check on the embryo and the 5 cm lump I have in my womb.
What we got was really amazing,
the lump's size was decreasing into about 3 cm in 2 weeks time,
and when it came the time to see our precious miracle,
we saw him/her moved/jumped TWICE!! as if he/she was really excited to be seen by mommy and daddy.
The feeling at that time was so undescribable.....
I hope next month when we do the check up again,
the lump will be decreasing or be gone at all.

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