Monday, May 12, 2008


Got attacked by a lot of headaches lately :(
Sometimes it's so painful that I couldn't do anything except resting on the bed.

A lot of thinking been going on lately,
have to decide the obgyn that will help and guide us throughout the pregnancy,
choose the hospital that we want to use for birthing....
but still when I wake up in the morning and feel well,
I really am thankful to God for what I've been through,
I really hope that everything goes on just fine,
'coz we are really waiting for the moment to come.

1 comment:

yun said...

Biasane kalo lewat 3 bulan udah mendingan banget (dengan mual, pusing, dll)
Sabar aja, nikmatilah..buat diceritain keanakmu besok2...hehehe :D