Thursday, October 30, 2008

Laundry Day (34 weeks)

Just gave the doctor another visit,
My blood pressure is normal 120/80, my weight gained about 7,5 kgs since April,
USG showed that Tre's head is already positioned below my waist,
he weighs about 2,5 kgs (hiks...I guess my baby is quite big),
and if everything goes on as scheduled I will give birth as scheduled.
I will visit the doctor again at week 36.

Yesterday we took the chance to check on the hospitals that we were given to choose.
One is Husada Utama and the other one is Ramsay Health Care (previously known as HCOS).
I personally would prefer HCOS, but considering the price and the convenience,
Husada Utama is still a better choice....
So, we're still undecided.

Another thing that we did yesterday was shopping for some baby stuffs.
Luckily we already have the baby playpen, stroller (thx to cik de) and some 2nd hand clothes for newborn from my sister in law and cik de, so we saved quite a sum of money.
We shopped for the necessary stuffs first and will buy the rest of the needs later on after the baby is born, as our financial priority is still for the hospital fee :p

Today I washed all the clothes (the new ones and the 2nd hand ones), pack them and will bring everything down to Sidoarjo (my mom's house). 2 weeks before giving birth I will stay over at my mom's house as we didn't want to take the risk to travel across Porong in emergency cases. And I will also stay there until the baby is 1 month old and strong enough for me to handle him by myself.

I really do hope that everything will go on smoothly,
coz the more I read about pregnancy stuff, the more I get noervous about the whole thing :p
Wish me luck friends!


a2pl3 said...

Good luck but am sure you'll be ok... :D

Take care ya... :D

The Diva said...

looooooove the colorful baby clothes!!!!!

Have A BLESSED expecting time yaaaa, it'll be alright!!!

Vebby Anastasia said...

thank you girls :*