Monday, November 17, 2008

Excited! (36 weeks)

It's now 36 weeks, the baby is officially perfectly developed and is safe to be delivered at any time. We went to the doctor for our check-up routines. My blood pressure is 110/70, doctor said that it's fine. My total weight gain is 8kgs and the baby weighs about 3 kgs (OMG!! he's big!!!).
We have decided to take Husada Utama as our choice for delivering the baby, and doctor had already written a letter for the hospital so that I can check in anytime.
Starting from next week I'm going to stay at my mom's place at Sidoarjo, and will stay there until the baby is 1 month old. I guess I have to start packing for my stuff really soon. Everything is basically ready, all the clothes and necessities are already washed and arranged neatly at my mom's house (will take a picture of my room there if I have the time), I am also quite ready and excited to deliver the baby :p as now I am having a really aching back pain when I sleep at night :)
Anyways, I will just enjoy having him inside now, as from the moment he's born, he's gonna change our life for sure!


Carla said...

:) ga sabar liat ponakan baru lagi.

The Diva said...

Hehehe iya La, kita sudah makin sering jadi tante nih.

Btw OMG 3 KILOS!! Are you gonna push him out or have a C-section??

Good luck yaaaa!!!! Aku kok jadi ikutan excited, hehehehe..